Table of Contents Volume X-Fall

Desert by J. P. Check

Letter from the Editor

Victoria Waddle, Managing Editor, Nonfiction Editor


Joshua Ackerman: Stubble and The Troubled Person

David Breeden: Revising Something

David Carlson: Syzygy and Focal Distance

Logan Chace: Poem Used as a Medium

Caroline Cottom: Hors D’Oeuvres

Amin Esmaielpour: deportee

Federico Federici: Estuary Poem

Matthew Friday: There be Whales!

Lucia Galloway: Torrid

Joseph Hardy: Dividing Time

Corbin Louis: We Did and Cavia

Alena Podobed: The Water Cycle

Phill Provance: Chicago Tableau

Kristin Bryant Rajan: Early Pregnancy Test on the Vernal Equinox

Grethel Ramos: The Creative Process and The Cut

Cindy Rinne: El tiempo

Jordan Rodriguez: California Super Bloom 2019

kris tammer: Phenome anon

Georgette Unis: Bittersweet Chocolate and Redress

Charles Venable: romance is a kind of sonder

Sherre Vernon: Dedication of the Fire-Fish and Of Thee I Sing

Sally Zakariya: End of an Era, Slaughterhouse, and Lost Objects in Heaven

New Feature: Editor Interviews

Lavina Blossom, Poetry Editor

David Stone, Poetry Editor

Cati Porter, Journal Founder


Justin Alcala: Time will Tell

A. S. Arcilesi: Tangerine Strands

Daniel Deisinger: The Constellation

Marco Etheridge: The Broken Vow of Ramón Torres

Nick Gardner: From Traphouse to Traphouse

Rich Glinnen: The Maple Tree

Nick Locke: Fly!

Adam Rodenberger: Orchids & Moonlight

Madeline Schaeffer: Group Home

Becca Spence Dobias: Neighborhood Alert

New Feature: Editor Interviews

Linda Rhoades, Fiction Editor

Becca Spence Dobias, Fiction Editor

Creative Nonfiction

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett: Dusk Therapy

Tyler Dunning: When California Calls

Richard Rutherford: Balance and Motion

Adam Schwartz: Passover in Hollywood

Maria Vidaurrazaga: Chess 101


Cindy Bousquet Harris: Crazy Rain

Daniel Ciochina: Colin and Goin’ Coastal

J. P. Check: Desert

Paula Eglevsky: Afloat

Shasta Fox: Under the Sun

Rebecca Ruth Gould: The Awakening World

Stephen Linsteadt: Of Sky and Earth series

Jenean McBrearty: Trailer and Hope

Leah Oates: Transitory Space, Circle Rock, Nova Scotia, Canada

Linda Rhoades: Sunny Days

M. Russek: Still not Candy

Marysia Schultz: Nothing Left and The Old Field

Marsha Solomon: Apple and Pear and Interior #3

Maciej Toporowicz: The heat was hot and the ground was dry but the air was full of sound

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