Krysta Szuszka


Words like knives flow like rivers
Rivers of tears and blood
It floods my mind
With misconstrued ideas of what is right
And that I am wrong in some way
In every way

They say beautiful
In an unrelenting, nearly religious mantra
Graceful like panthers
Or colorful and bright
Elegant predators
Poison dart frogs

Pretty, deadliest of them all
Deceiving, discrete
Painless until it morphs to an overbearing weight
Beauty hurts they say
Pretty kills

There is a day and a place I can’t locate
When I was clean of this disease
When I could tell truth from lies
There is also a day and place
One I remember far too well
Where the first of my light dies

The shadow of doubt sets in
Hidden behind a fanged smile
Claws painted in poisonous pink nail polish
Their target not skin or bones but the mind
Or perhaps the worst yet
The poison works its way into my eyes

Pools of golden stardust
Cut with blood
Watered down with tears
Mixed by society
Poisoned by pretty

And through these tainted eyes I see
A monster I have mistaken for me

But this is not reality
Merciful logic wakes
It determines that my eyes show lies
But it took far too long to realize
Why this was what I see
To realize that I was poisoned by that fatal word


But there will be a place and a day
That I will break free of this cage
One day I will be at peace with my reflection
One day I will find a place within myself
A place where I can finally see
That I am free of the poison that they call pretty

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror mirror high on the wall
And I too small to see your reflection of me
Mirror mirror watch me grow
I can’t wait to know what other people see

Mirror mirror I’m almost there
I stand on my tip toes and stare
Mirror mirror so this is she
I am the reflection there before me

Mirror mirror am I pretty
The other girls at school say I’m not
Mirror mirror what is pretty
How important can it be

Mirror mirror I want to be pretty
Pretty like society says I should be
Mirror mirror I think I’m pretty
But the other girls do not

Mirror mirror why am I not pretty
I love my curls and clothes and golden brown eyes
Mirror mirror why are they mean to me
Why is it bad that I don’t look like them

Mirror mirror I tried to be pretty
I changed my clothes and tamed my curls and dulled my ‘just brown’ eyes
Mirror mirror I’m still not pretty
I tried in vain it seems

Mirror mirror I don’t like what I see
I don’t like that my reflection isn’t pretty
Mirror mirror I don’t like me
I wish I was pretty

Mirror mirror leave me be
The truth is too hard to see
Mirror mirror I can’t bear to see
The ugly reflection that you show me

Mirror mirror who is she
Who is the girl there before me
Mirror mirror please don’t tell me
That the girl I can’t recognize is me

Mirror mirror what happened
Where did any of this get me
Mirror mirror who even am I
When did I become so lost

My darling girl you were never lost
But poisoned by others insecurities
My darling girl let me show you what I truly see
For that deadly word was ‘pretty’

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