Lauren Kawecki

Reaching by Audrey Parker


I never thought
I’d be a slave
To a ticking, tocking machine
To one that whines and screams

And I never thought
I’d be a slave
To a cold and heartless screen

So it is fitting
That I should befall
A lowly throne among thieves

Biding its time
Stealing what’s mine
My ticking, tocking dreams

The click and the whine
And the scale of my step
Do you feel the weight
Of my very breath?

Maybe I’ll shed
A tear for a pound
Maybe I’ll let
The sky bring me down

Exhale the tension
As my knees hit the ground
Ripped from my lungs
That wretched hound

Perhaps the demon
Will take the right turn
And perhaps I will take
What I feel I must earn

But maybe I’ll continue
On this dark path
Living on sorrow,
And starving on wrath


I am falling, oh so far
I am falling, oh so hard

When I land my soul to be
In a silent, dreamless sleep
But my friend, do not weep
It is by will I do leap

The raven’s knock echos evermore
And I, the heathen, run to the shore

Inside this tomb in which I scream
Inside this tomb for which I bleed

Watch it fall from my skin–red
Burning, bright–alive, but dead

As I fall, hear the Phoenix cry
For whom do you weep – is it I?

As I fall, hear Persephone wake
In my steps, I do quake

And in your eyes I see divine
And in your eyes I see my lies
So cut this wretched soul from mine

And watch me fall, but do not cry
Watch me fall, watch me fly

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