Pablo Orozco

No Spoiler: They Really Do Both Die

In the book, They Both Die At The End, written by Adam Silvera, the author does not hide the truth of the tragic ending of two young souls who find love in their last hours together. They Both Die At The End follows the two separate lives of troubled foster teen Rufus and cautious, shy Mateo as they get the call telling them they will die in the next twenty-four hours. As fate brings them together, they go through the day living the life they wish they would have experienced had they more time to live.

This book is quite thought provoking and really awakens your inner free spirit. What would we do if we had less than twenty-four hours to live? Who would we spend it with? How would we die in the end? A book like this is hard to come by. Who would have thought that two teens who have so little time to live found a life in each other in the final hours they had and in the end they are still gone. That’s what I love about the author. He tells the story knowing that their fate won’t change, and he won’t do anything to change that in his writing. The reader follows these characters through their beginning thoughts of their final day, follows their emotions, their personalities, their journey, and their final moments.

The characters are deep, and you see how they grow and build each other up. You follow them as they learn that you really only have one life and that experience is everything, and that experience is what was taken from them. They Both Die At The End is quite a tear jerker, and anyone with the desire for a unique and dark but uplifting romance should pick up this book and follow these characters with the life they have left.

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