Priyanka Jagadeesh


My love changes
It is the warmth of the embrace of a friend
It is the peace that wraps around a family
It is the passion that blossom between lovers
It is the kiss of devotion upon your lips

My love burns
It is fire licking the tips of your finger
It is smoke choking the air from your lungs
It is blood boiling under your skin
It is the heat that seeps into you from the sun

My love hurts
It is the cuts and bruises that grace your form
It is the ache settled deep in your chest
It is the tears falling down from your eyes
It is the pieces torn from your heart

My love endures
It is the stone waiting ever unchanged
It is the heart beating for an answer yet to come
It is the world moving so slow and so steady
It is the time preserving until you emerge

My love accepts
It is the smile on your face
It is the light in your eye
It is the beat of your heart
It is the voice of your adoration

My love . . . is you

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