Samantha Schmiedel

Lush by Leah Urrutia

Drops of Spring

14 haikus

The warm diamond rain,
A sweet chorus of soft bells
Baptizing the Earth.

The plump drops of spring,
A puddle for little feet
Dancing to the song.

Baby born of dew,
The angel’s twinkling tears
Bless the small flower.

The tiny beauty,
Pixie dressed in rose petals,
Ripples in the stream.

The slow water flows,
Always changing with the moon,
A shower’s duet.

Muddy and wet toes,
Sweet faces invite the rain,
Sapphires on gold.

Nervous pitter pats
As the drums begin to play
Rolling like their hearts.

Galoshes yellow,
Soft taps against the windows,
A new world to see.

Stems of green grow tall,
Reaching for the hidden sun,
Petals touch the sky.

Nearly there but far,
The clouds will grow dimmer still,
And the rain will roar.

Dress shoes in water,
Umbrellas of dark nimbus,
That block the small light.

But the other path,
She laughs, hair stuck to her face,
Yellow shoes still worn.

Though she has bloomed now,
Water paints the velvet rose,
Beauty found in youth.

A small, little stream,
Runs towards the sea so green,
Strength from drops of spring.

Diamond River of Thoughts

Diamond River,
Light influenced by sun,
But diminished by
Man’s breath, a brown smog.
No mercy for nature
Found, a dump
Believed to erase the trash
Of the world thrown in it.
But, oh woe,
It only grows.
Nothing can be done
But to let it flow,
For a dam stirs the pot,
This Diamond River,
A source of progress,
And innovation,
And creativity,
By garbage, damned.
Diamond River,
Oh, poor river,
For what control have you
To stop the world?
No voice, no power,
But oh,
They shan’t know
Till the dead swim.
If only they hadn’t
Corrupted this
Diamond River,
Oh, what clear water it could have.

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