Table of Contents Volume IX

Fire Fighting by Russ Allison Loar


Pamela Ahlen:  “Even if Lightning” and “To the Guy”

K B Ballentine: “Darkness Roaming”

William Blome: “Outdoor Potentate” and “Haiti 2017”

Amy Katherine Cannon: “go to the interior desert”

Liam Corley: “BLUF” and “In-Country”

Artemesio CR: “Wetback” and “Depersonally”

Patsy Creedy: “Retinue of Bone” and “Your New England Loyalty”

Tiffany K. Elliott: “I Dreamed of Falling through Darkness”

Michael Hardin: “God Is Dark,” “Two Theories of Attraction,” “Darkness Inside,” and “Turritopsis”

Griffin James: “Excedrin”

Babitha Marina Justin: “Mummy’s Sarees”

Marianne Lyon: “Extreme Unction”

Lisa Masé: “Rose Hope” and “Speeding”

Kathleen McClung: “Calendar: Cento for Naomi Shihab Nye”

elena minor: “54 MINUS 37 EQUALS 17 TO 67 (OR MORE)”

Erik Lloyd Olson: “Rondeau Redouble” and “High and Dry in the Mojave Desert”

Miriam Sagan: “Geology of the High Plains”

John Sierpinski: “March 3rd”

Jesse Stone: “The Fate of the Soothsayers,” “Brute Luck,” and ” Q. E. D.”

Teresa Sutton: “River of Forgetfulness 2”

Megan Williams: “Life Cycles”

Barbershop, China by Emma Sywyj


Jerry Chiemeke: “The Blankness I Wouldn’t Let You See”

Esther Dalton: “American Dreams”

Jennifer Dickinson: “Into The Carrot Galaxy”

W F Lantry: “The West”

Lissa Miller: “The Character of a Comedy”

Douglas Penick: “Winds of Continuing”

Max Talley: “Beyond the Pool”

John Carr Walker: “A Family Friend”

Amy  Wall: “Mr. Malaprop”

Salvage by Russ Alliosn Loar


Eric Barr: Where is my Light?

Kate Gaston: Where Coats were Banned

Suvi Mahonen: Coming Home

Vivian  Wagner: Labyrinth

Beauty of Decay by DL Pravda


Garrett Cotham: CA-Borrego Springs, CA-Death Valley

Artemesio Romero y Carver: Miss Hemings and Sweet Dreams

ira joel haber: Untitled

Ana Jovanovska: Nude and Colors

Russ Allison Loar: I Predict, After the Fire, Salvage, Fire Fighting and The Diner

Jayne Marek: Light in Burned Lands and Cornered Thought

Jeff Mays: An Intersection Dimly

DL Pravda: Beauty of Decay

Christine Sloan Stoddard: The Church of Cactus

Emma Sywyj: Barbershop China

John Taylor Jr.: Serenity