Violette Valencia

My Ode to Books

Oh, dear old and new books. You have given me the greatest treasure man can find. From my childhood to my future, you are there with me for every step I take, and every choice I make. You become a part of me and you are something I will never let go.

Looking down, it is not just a rectangular shape filled with paper pages, but a way to cloister myself from this world. Your nice, smooth texture soothes me, and your deep, all-ever knowing ancient pages ease the palm of my hands. You fit perfectly into my hands, as if you were meant for me all along. Whether it’s a perfume of freshness or an olden smell, it gives me air to breathe in. Flipping through you brings about notes from a familiar symphony.

As I ruffle through your pages, filled with all sorts of wise knowledge, I am transported into a whole new world, just waiting to be read about and explored. You reach out to me and pull me in, and I lose all interest in the outside world. I let go of all my worries, all my doubts, all of my woes and problems in my life. I am surrounded by the story you have to tell. Disappointment approaches when it is time to go. But until then I fall under your spell of words. When I come to the end, you leave a satisfying taste in my mouth. You then say to me “Well what are you waiting for? There’s more out there than you can ever imagine.” And I wholeheartedly agree.

You give me a gift that no one could ever come close to. You have been my greatest comfort for I have always turned to you. And I thank you for all this and many, many more yet to come. Oh dear old and new books, thank you for all that you’ve done.

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