Zamzam Abdullahi

Do I have the Right?

I wake up every morning
Do I have this right?
The air that I breathe
The things I see
A world full of rejection
The world whispers gently like dandelions in the wind and says …
“You don’t have the right”
“You are the plague of humanity”
These words strangle me
Slowly pulling my breath away … and I say
Did those people have the right when they colonized my country?
When they murdered masses?
Did those who destroyed the lives of thousands have that right?
With this in mind I silently breathe …
Time stops.
For the first time in hundreds of years
I relax and breathe slowly
But I ask again
Do I have this right?
Before they could answer the grief resumes,
Time resumes.
Now the world accepts us, they say,
But their eyes telling me the opposite, the real truth
I could feel the anger building inside me
Ready to burst.
But I ask the same question again, do I have this right?
To have emotions
To live freely
The world rejects this thought
Yet it comes with a smile to “help”
They said they’ve come to help me see
To help me breathe
To help me choose
The lies in their eyes make me question
And embedded in I think again
Did I have this right?

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