Are You Scared Yet? Written by Myla Myers & Kalysta Garland

Note: This story will be featured at the 2016 Ghost Walk on the Run for Your Lives tour – Red

(Chad, Jake, Emily, and Sarah walk onto set location. Chad steps in front of everyone and stands tall)

Chad: Okay, here we are.

Jake: (chuckles) I didn’t know if we’d be able to find this place!

Sarah: Where are we?

Chad: We are standing in the place where Annabelle Peterson murdered both her parents and suddenly went missing. (cocky )

Emily: Wh-who’s

Annabelle Peterson?

(All sit down while Chad tells the story)

Chad: You guys don’t know who Annabelle Peterson is? When she was 8 months old, her
parents one night left her at the doorsteps of this house. The family that took her raised her as their own. But something wasn’t right about Annabelle.. ( looks at Jake and smiles)

As she got older, she became angrier and angrier about being abandoned by her birth parents. She started acting out because of it.

Jake: One day, when Annabelle was 11 years old, the two dogs suddenly went missing and the father found their dead bodies behind this tree. The father said the wounds looked like someone killed the dogs.

Emily: Not the dogs! Who killed them?

Jake: Annabelle killed them. But that wasn’t the worst of it, that was just the beginning.

Sarah: You guys, this isn’t funny. Stop trying to scare us.

Chad: This is a true story, we aren’t joking around. (Pause, looks around the area.) Anyways, when Annabelle was 14 years old, on a cold, dark, windy night she woke up in the middle of the night and went crazy! ( Emily jumps in fright) She went to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife she could find. ( Chad pantomimes holding a knife) Her parents woke up from the noise she was making and came to check on her. That’s when she stabbed them both in the chest!

(Chad pretends to stab Jake, Jake overacts being stabbed, they both start laughing )

Emily: (screams ) Stop it!

Sarah: (sarcastically) And what happened to Annabelle?

Jake: She ran away from the scene without a trace. They had police looking for her for a while, but she was never found. No one’s seen her since.

Chad: It’s been told before that she comes back here and seeks revenge for being abandoned when she was a baby.

(Someone off stage moves an object to create noise )

Jake: What’s that noise? ( Everyone stands up and looks around. )

Emily: Wh-what noise?

Sarah: Stop it. You’re not funny. He’s lying, Emily. He’s just trying to scare us.

Jake: No, I swear I heard something.

(Lights go out. Jake screams. All scream. Lights come back on and Jake is gone.)

Sarah: Where’s Jake? You guys need to stop it! This isn’t funny!

Chad: I swear, this isn’t a prank. (Yells) Jake!!

Emily: I wanna go home! ( Grabs ahold of Sarah’s arm. ) Sarah I’m scared!

(All call for Jake. Lights go out.)

Sarah: Chad, stop touching me!

Chad: I’m not touching you.

(Flashlight on Annabelle behind Sarah. All scream. Lights come back on and Sarah is gone.)

Emily: Get me out of here!

Chad: Let’s go! Take my hand and let’s leave. ( Emily grabs his hand. )

Lights out.

Chad: Emily don’t let go of my hand.

(No response )

Chad: Emily?

Annabelle: Do you want to play a game?


(Both scream, Emily is gone when lights come back on. When lights go back on, Chad and
Annabelle are looking at each other face to face.)

Chad: Oh God help me please. ( Starts crying. Drops down to his knees. )

Annabelle: Are you scared?

Lights go out. Chad screams. Annabelle laughs. Lights on.