The Tale of the Three Kitties by Maddie Mathes

Uprooted orange trees lie on the ground, making a straight path to an old cabin in the trees. A young girl of the age seventeen is riding her bike along a dirt rode her hair flowing in the wind her eyes green as grass. She suddenly stops and spots a cat black as night in the distance hiding and he bushes near her. The cat begins to walk away from her then she notices that the cat has a limp on his back paw. She cuts of the dirt road and into orange trees to find the cat. She hops off her bike and walks towards the cat. The cat stands still and silent as she kneels down. The cat approaches her she says, “Hello, I am Gracie.” She would always talk to animals because her mom works at an animal shelter. Gracie often helps her mom at he animal shelter.

The cat came closer to Gracie and then something amazing happened the cat said, “Hello, Gracie, I am Zyzzx.” Gracie let out a bellowing scream and fell to the ground and passed out. About twenty minutes later she woke up to Zyzzx’s tail in her face. As Gracie got up Zyzzx jumped off her lap.

Gracie asks the cat, “How can you speak like a human?”

Zyzzx replies, “Two witches cursed me.”

“W-witches,” Gracie says

“Yes, two witches. Annie and Valerie.”

Gracie had been scared of witches since she was a little girl.

“I can show you where they live if you want,” asks Zyzzx.

Gracie was too scared to say anything so she followed Zyzzx. As they arrive at the cabin two black cats jump down from a the trees and say, “About time you got back Zyzzx.”

Before the cats can say another word a woman comes out of the house, yelling “Jackson where did you put my hat.”

One of the cats ran up to the witch and says, “It’s over by the plants, Annie.” Annie gave Jackson a dirty look and went to get her hat.

The witch looks towards Gracie and says, “Valerie sister come outside we have a visitor.”

A larger woman comes out to see Gracie. “Yes Annie who is it.”

“A strange girl with Zyzzx.”

“Who are you and what do you want,” yells Annie.

“Well, I am Gracie” she replies.

Before she can say another word Valerie yells, “Gracie who”

“Um Winchester. Why?” Gracie asks.

Valerie and Annie face each other then they turn towards Gracie and ask, “Is your mom’s name Clare”

Gracie replies “Yes. How do you know that?”

Zyzzx looks up at Gracie and says, “Well it has been nice, but we really should be going.”

“NO!” yells Annie. “You should stay for dinner,” Annie says, trying to stay calm.” An evil look comes over their faces.

Zyzzx looks up at Gracie and yells, “Run for it!”

Gracie and Zyzzx run as fast as they can through the orange trees.

Zyzzx says, “Don’t look back. Keep running.

As they stop at some uprooted orange trees Gracie asks, ‘What’s going on?”

Zyzxx replies, “When your mother was younger she was a witch and she still is. She just doesn’t like to live like one, but she was in a coven with Annie and Valerie. It was just the three of them but then she told Annie that she had a child and that child was you. Annie and Valerie found that out they moved away, hoping your mom wouldn’t find them here, but she moved to Riverside. Annie and Valerie are mad and want to find you now.”

As soon as Zyzzx says that the two witches came laughing like crows. They fly on their brooms. The two black cats are with them. The two cats jump off the witches’ brooms as they fall to the ground the began to run toward Gracie and Zyzzx. Annie says an incantation and Jackson and the other cat grow so large, making them as big as tigers.

Gracie screams in fear. They start running. Zyzxx jumps up in an orange tree. Gracie jumps in one, but the branch breaks on her foot, making her slip and Jackson claws her all they way down her leg. Gracie can’t move very well due to her leg. As soon as Annie and Valerie where by Gracie they both say an incantation and throw a powder on Gracie. Once the powder clears, Gracie is gone and instead there lies a little brown tabby cat on the ground. Gracie soon was able to look at herself and she gasps.

The witches cackle and laugh. Annie says, “That’s what happens when you mess with us.”
Valerie says, “Finish them off boys,” as they fly away. Zyzzx and Gracie begin to run from Jackson and the other cat as approach some rocks, a beautiful fluffy white cat with sea blue eyes comes out from a small opening in the rocks. She has a blue stone pendant around her neck. She lifts her paw and drops it on the ground. Suddenly the two cats fly back, going all the way to the end of the orange groves.

“Come with me,” said the white cat. Zyzzx and Gracie follow her as the reach the bottom of a granite staircase she turns toward them and say, “I am Luna the keeper of the moon pool. Your mom summoned me to help you. This pool will grant you any wish you desire. I will let you both use it.” Both Zyzzx and Gracie agree as Gracie goes in the water she wishes to be a human again. Zyzzx wishes to be free from the witches and so as they are submerged in the water their wishes come true. Gracie comes out a human and Zyzzx free from the witches the both thanked Luna and left the moon pool. They both left the groves in peace to live another magical day.