Collaboration: Day 10

Closer to Home
March 27, 2020

Blue skies, cool breeze, squirrel running down the tree.
Male Hooded Oriole at the Feeder;
Sunflowers sway in the breeze. Mountain top
trips, smiling blue skies,
everyone together again—photos.
LEGOS scattered, dirty dishes piled,
sprawled on couch, resting. Indulging
in tasty Brownies, dark chocolate, chewy
and nutty, yum! Cuddling with my striped
kitty sisters. Purring, fluffy, snuggly
felines, Milo and Princess comfort me.
Love my Dachshunds, big brown, wet, Sees Candy
nose. Below a city quiet, confined
by fear and love.

by Gudelia Vaden, Natalie Champion, Victor Ruiz, Robin Longfield, Cindi Neisinger, Susan Christensen Pham, Dar Stone, Nan Friedley, Cati Porter

Original prompt: For our poem today, let’s keep our lines short – at or around 10 words – and let’s focus on one single image: describe something that you can see that is in your immediate surroundings.