Collaboration: Day 11

A Even Grimmer Tale
March 28, 2020

The ball was supposed to be tonight but
my basket in hand and my cloak around me,
going to grandma’s house, riding in a red ‘64 Galaxy 500,
they slow down and take off the hats, the men do,
nighttime in West Central Georgia, pine trees, heavy.
I smile and wave as if nothing is wrong.

When they smile back, I see the sharpness
and now I’m stuck deep cleaning the house,
my own eyes wide open, mind wandering, wondering—
for days on end with no hope of going anywhere.
Where does this road end? I can almost taste
sweet scented air, my brother asleep beside me.

When they come to the place where he’s laying’
retsina’ his back, I hope they cannot see
the fear on my face. They say,”Mornin’ Steel-driver.
You sure they’ve had to postpone it due
to the Coronavirus? The toasted cheese sandwiches made
Clickity clack clickity clack clickity clack clickity clack
with Velveeta; the Moon Pies from the Easy Shop.

Then they go on by pickin’ up a little bit of speed
of their teeth and the silken fur around their collar,
except sleep at the end of the day was a hammer-swinger.
And the “King” in his suit of gold was finally exposed.

by Dar Stone, Cati Porter, Julianna Cruz, Robin Longfield, Kris Lovekin

Original prompt: Let’s rewrite our favorite fairytale/folk tale. Pick a favorite fairytale and write one line that helps you explore a memory or journey through the lens of that story.