Collaboration: Day 12

Ghazal for Staying Home
March 29, 2020

Staying in pajamas with hot coffee and a good book at home.
Dancing to Bowie sans bra looking for Ziggy at home.

Plague be gone, I am tough at home.
Queen of the remote, channel surfing at home.

Organizing every last sheet of paper in my stationary box at home.
For Nurse Cathie Davis’ Eisenhower patient care packages gathering toiletries at home.

Safely working with John on our water-wise landscaping project, at home.
Like seeds, I wait for warmth, water, and light at home.

Orange blossom aroma and deafening bird chorus at home.
Cooking from scratch and enjoying each bite with my son at home.

Raking, weeding, digging up old bushes while drinking bottled water at home.
Calling family and friends while sipping peppermint tea at home.

Sipping cinnamon and lemon infused water at home.
Listening to the quiet as it wraps around my soul, blissfully at home.

Enjoying pan dulce & chocolate in my healing retreat at home.
Eating Costco assorted bite size chocolate candy, getting very fluffy at home.

A line of nine words ending with “at home”?
Taking in the blessings that surround me, kissing those afar, at home.

by Debby Johnson, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Tom Vaden, Natalie Champion, Rick Champion, Delia Vaden, Barbara Berg, Nan Friedley, Cindi Neisinger, Jean Waggoner, Juanita Mantz, Stevie Taken, Robin Longfield, Frances Vasquez, Frances Borella, Doug McCulloh and Cati Porter.

Original prompt: Write one line of no more than ten words, ending with the words “at home”.