Collaboration: Day 2

Ode to Tomorrow
March 19, 2020

Hope may have feathers,
but what are feathers without wings?

What are wings without space to fly?
Fly inward and breathe

What are dreams without words and songs?
Transcending to freedom’s open arms

Soar above it all, and exhale your fears
What good is a rainbow without hope for tomorrow?

by Gudelia Vaden, Ai Kelley, Shali Nicholas, Cindi Neisinger, Dar Stone, Debby Johnson, Cati Porter

Original prompt: Friends! Did you enjoy the collaborative poem we created yesterday? Were you tempted to contribute but too shy? Well, here’s your chance to try again!

Also, we got a couple of late entries that came in after we had already assembled the poem. For today, please get your contributions in by 3 pm; a new collaborative poem will be posted by 5 pm.

First line of the new poem in the comments!