Collaboration: Day 4

For Today
March 21, 2020

Today, I might have sampled strawberries
at the farmer’s market.
Today I might have shopped
for groceries if I could’ve but i couldn’t!

Today I might have have gone to the casino
and danced with the regulars.
Today, I might have gone to Disneyland but instead
the park is closed.

Today I might have thought more about my to do list
than the sound of my children’s laughter.
Today I might have shared a learning moment with a child,
but instead I learned– like a child in the garden.

Today, I might have lingered in bed, drenched in ennui, but instead
I wandered into the garden
and found the right branch for hanging a birdhouse.

Today, I might have stayed inside and listened to dire news,
but instead sat outside listening to jazz & the sounds
of the teens two houses over playing
basketball, while my husband
paints a garden shed.

Today, I might have forgotten the smell of cut
clover, the metallic spin of a push mower, lavender &
rosemary on the wind.

I might as well write a poem.

by Christine Perkins, Marjorie Graham-Howard, Sherre Vernon, Magdalena Nunez, Elizabeth Faith Aamot, Janine Pourroy Gamblin, Julianna Cruz, Robbi Nester, Liz Armstron, Correcaminitos, Dar Stone, Becca Spence Dobias, Rakhi Shelat

Original prompt: Let’s try something a little different today: Let’s use some anaphora (repetition at the beginning of the line):

“Today, I might have…” and then finish the line with whatever you might have done had it been a normal day.

Ready, set, write!