Collaboration: Day 34

There once was a contagious virus
Which caused us to to run and hide us
We stayed in our homes
Only our back yards we roamed
And wrote poems every day on papyrus

Cati Porter

In the midst of a pandemic
So much stress to stay well and not get sick
I must not forget my mask
This is a huge task
Focusing to remain poised and slick

Gudelia Vaden

The city of Arts and Innovation,
shut down by a virus infestation.
No need to worry!
The Mission Inn Lights, will switch on early.
An Early Christmas? I am hoping that the ROBERTS see this!

Cindi Neisinger

We’re into terrain that’s unmapped,
Our previous life has been scrapped.
We’re facing a crisis
Due to the virus,
So we might as well write since we’re trapped.

Douglas McCulloh

Our delusional President Trump
Has shown he’s a virus’s chump.
While he’s dithered and lied,
Countless thousands have died;
The economy’s taken a dump.

Steve Perry

I went to the store for some flour
Got there at a very early hour
Armed with my list
In my wrinkled old fist
Six feet apart, passed on a shower.

Nan Friedley

A crisis called us to care
about elders and others, that’s fair.
But boredom of mind
made many unkind,
what harm, they think, this virus to share?

Ai Miyamoto Kelley

The restaurants and bars, catacombs,
For a virus is keeping us home.
Streaming and screaming,
Cleaning and scheming,
Together we are all alone.

James Luna

There once was a dragon named Cyrus,
He was most afraid of the virus,
He puffed and he roared,
Through the sky he soared,
His jewel adorned mask was priceless.

Debby Johnson

Coronavirus on the loose—run!
Sheltering in place is no fun
Missing friends and family
Chatting on Zoom—barely
Remembering days basking in the sun

Natalie Champion

Original prompt: Write a limerick for submission to The Press-Enterprise’s limerick contest. Outcome: Debby Johnson’s limerick was published on