Collaboration: Day 35

Awaiting a Secret Transmission

Working from home is not exactly good
Because all I want is to eat good food

Pouting tantrums, snarky, shrill, then sad…
(Not the children, mind you, but their dad)

Focus Focus!
I need Hocus Pocus

Coffee, coffee and then more caffeine
Makes me a lean pandemic machine

Today I miss going to the market
but not parking lots, carts, or where to park it

The dog barking at the delivery man
bringing another meal served in a can

Lots of cakes, cookies and banana bread
Is there a vaccine for the fatty spread?

Now I recall why cooking is not on my list
No one else has cleaning on theirs. That’s the twist

All I do is sing and clean house
No need to be quiet as a mouse

Chirping, flying, birds are merrier,
Listening to them, I fly farther

Living on the fringes of the world
days and weeks together swirled

Today I miss going for a walk outside
But in my mind I go for an imaginary ride

Now that I have the solitude I crave
All that I want is to go to a rave

Looking cool in a bandana mask,
Sipping wine from a hidden flask

Wondering where to go when I do go out
A park, an ocean, or thereabout

Whispering in the window I see
someone laughing and smiling!

Human contact I dearly miss
Pats, hugs, a cheek kiss

Orange blossoms’ fragrance floats from yard to yard
sticky sweet but always makes me sneeze so hard

She carries it with her wherever she goes
Sharing her secret virus, but nobody knows

Alexander Akin, Frances T. Borella, Rebecca K. O’Connor, Thomas Vaden, Rakhi Shelat, Natalie Champion, Kris Lovekin, Julianna Cruz, Dar Stone, Kamelyta Noor, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Gudelia Vaden, Juanita Mantz, Nan Friedley, John DiFusco, Debby Johnson, Cindi Neisinger, and Cati Porter