Natalie Champion


Purring, fluffy, snuggly, felines, Milo and Princess, comfort me
Sipping cinnamon and lemon infused water at home

Pink Moon

Glowing, shimmery moon
Says it’s gonna get better
Just you wait
Sunny days are coming
Smiles in the moonlight
Hands reaching out
Holding hands span the globe
The worldwide pandemic
Now ended
Peace surrounds us
For we are the survivors,
The endurers,
The peacemakers
Forever more

Missionary Church

Eight mourn,
Silent plague creeping,
Seeping through veins,
Legal order “shelter in place,”
Too late for some,
Death takes toll,
Silent poll,
Angels watch.

Sign of the Pandemic

It’s surreal walking down lonely streets
People wearing gloves and masks
Afraid of the silent, creeping plague
Thinking it’s only a matter of time
Social distancing everyone must do
Foolish people party at beaches
Spreading silent death amongst the masses
Please, please stay home and save lives
People don’t you get it?