Collaboration: Day 39

Another Day in Paradise Quarantine

Saturday morning need to go to the grocery store
(Good food)
Then come home to mop my kitchen floor.
(Puts me in a good mood.)

An Italian cannoli is found only in my dreams
(Waiting, hoping, wishing for some answers,)
With cherries, chocolate and sweet ricotta cream.
(Yet not getting from any sources.)

I need me some chicken taco
(Sometimes I scream without a sound)
So I can dance A-go-go with a bongo!
(Picasso would be oh so proud)

Turning on her favorite alternative radio station,
(I know that I am running late.)
She wonders what will happen to the state of the nation
(I am blaming it on the State.)

Oh to dance and prance—
(Sunny Saturday, still we stay inside,)
Got any Lysol by chance?
(except maybe for a walk, or a ride)

Sunny day in the lovely city
(I sit alone outside, except for my dog)
Sitting in the living room with my lovely kitty
(A book, warm sun, goodbye quarantine fog)

Taking this day for creative endeavors
(My first painting class starts promptly at two)
Soaking up sunshine and the perfect weather
(Says ‘black canvas’ called for, hope white will do.)

Original prompt: Two lines of ten syllables that rhyme, and maybe involve food.

by Debby Johnson, John DiFusco, Frances T. Borella, Natalie Champion, Barbara Berg, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Cati Porter, Gudelia Vaden, Rick Champion, Frances J. Vasquez, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Janine Pourroy Gamblin, Dar Stone, Kamelyta Noor