Collaboration: Day 40


It’s not like this hasn’t
happened before
The “Spanish” flu pandemic
during the first World War

Pandemic, Spanish flu,
coronavirus. it’s designed
to sicken and potentially
destroy us

A mask can transform, disguise,
conceal, and amuse, It also
offers hope, strength,
and protection for a nation’s rebirth

People wearing gloves and masks
afraid of silent, creeping plague
A mask for protection,
a task for correction

We need to post No Spitting
signs like in 1918 Spanish flu
or pass out spittoons.
You spit, I kick

1919 panic touted
ingesting Turpo, akin
to today’s Lysol vitriol
Pass me the Vapo Rub!

The mother of all pandemics,
along with her naughty children
Hankies in hand,
treatments without a cure

Look at online museum for inspiration:

Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Gudelia Vaden, Kamelyta Noor, Natalie Champion, Debby Johnson, Thomas Vaden, Frances J. Vasquez, Dar Stone