Collaboration: Day 45

May Day Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday! The freezer isn’t working,
the printer doesn’t print and the toilet
paper disappeared! HELP!!!!!

Dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot
Who has the key to my front door?
The scientist? The politician? The TV talking head?
Some kid brought my fast food and left it on the porch.
I hope the cook wrapped the vaccine in bacon.

Mayday, mayday! I have all this
dog food, but no dog. Help,
here come the crows! Will they eat it?

Mayday, mayday! I can’t
find my coffee cup so
the windows won’t open. Help!

Help I need somebody! The Beatles screamed
I screamed back decades later
All you need is love.

Mayday, mayday! My mental heath
is a mess. Friends? Wine? Yes!

Princess Tabitha sound asleep in her crate
She looks so innocent but don’t be fooled
She’s a tiger in disguise. Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday! The purple
leprechauns replaced my brain
with tater tots to negotiate with
the alien Elvis impersonators
for the return of their missing left socks.

Not a nibble of chocolate in sight.
“Dire consequences,” gurgled the washer
as it devoured all the socks.

Wear Mork & Mindy face masks
and My Favorite Martian gloves.

Binge-watching the TV,
Read all my books
Pulled all the weeds
Cleaned crannies and nooks
Planted the garden
Washed the dog, even clipped it
Still can’t go shopping
Still haven’t whipped it
Waxed all the floors
Cleaned out the closet
“Tidy” doesn’t fit me
It’s the virus that caused it
Mayday, Save me, Mayday.

Mayday! Mayday! Feeling
too comfy inside, forgetting
how it was to live outside!

Mayday, come and help me! The carpet
under my feet is not grassy enough,
the wood floors not like dirt, my tendrils
are reaching for oranges and flowers,
my roots still waiting for water from the clouds.

Mayday! Mayday! All the chickens are gone!
All the chilies are gone! All the garlic is gone!
OK. I don’t need the toilet paper after all.

Original prompt: Write a poem about May Day, mayday mayday!

Barbara Berg, Natalie Champion, Kamelyta Noor, Kris Lovekin, James Luna, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Cati Porter, Dar Stone, Raine Lefaivre-Naggi, Tom Vaden, Debby Johnson, Gudelia Vaden, Cindy Bousquet Harris