Collaboration: Day 46

What Joy

Light seeping through eyelids.
Faint sounds, aromas, spring
bids. Get up and enjoy.

Morning prayer
with vanilla scented coffee.

Scattering blue and violet
capaciousness unfurls me.

Green butterflies flapping
wings. Whirring summer chorus
on grass-scented breeze.

Scented purple spikes, best friend
of the bee, aromatherapy for me.

Fuzzy bodies, tiny wings,
turning pollen into tasty things,
buzzy workers stay away,
my hair needs none of you today.

Dirt beneath my fingernails,
fragrant perfumes tickling
my nose. Ripe fruit from
the vine is an artist’s dream

Rustling palm fronds, the scrape of
leaves, languid air, yearning.
Tiny in stature, up high in the palm tree,
adding to my joy with his amazing song.

Lifting Spirits. Bobbing head.
Moving feet. Air guitar.
A remnant of painter’s tape —
chalky, gummy — stripped
from the refinished hardwood.

Choice cut marinated
in balsamic vinegar, soy sauce,
Dijon mustard, and coffee.

Tiny red spuds boiled and mixed
with ricotta cheese, butter
and pepper. Make my mouth water.

Nuked, multi-colored dots,
brown lava in my mouth.

Flour, sugar, cocoa, butter, heat,
pure joy in the pan, good enough to eat.

Soft fur, tiny padded feet
click, click, click on cool ceramic tiles.
The sound of his snoring
beside me, his soft brown fur,
and caramel colored eyes.

Your voice gives me breath,
your image is like water.
My child, asleep, her breath
against my neck.

The rush of oxytocin when
your arms squeeze me tight
is pure delight.

Original prompt: Write a poem about something that brings you joy.

Kris Lovekin, Gudelia Vaden, Natalie Champion, Frances T. Borella, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Nan Friedley, Thomas Vaden, Sherre Vernon,Debby Johnson, Joseph Milazzo, Dar Stone, Janine Pourroy Gamblin, Julie Fredericksen, Cati Porter, Veronica Ortega, John DiFusco, Ginger Galloway, Cindi Neisinger, Robin Longfield, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Barbara Berg