Collaboration: Day 48

What is True, Love?

Could lose myself forever in you, truth,
if only I could find you.

A confession: my deepest, strangest
love is for the enigma of love itself.

Love is a beautiful battlefield
where I fight for it every day.

Love twinkles as midnight fades,
so you can easily find your way.

Love is watching the sunset, talking
late into the night.

I love my family to the moon
and back.

Kisses in the moonlight, walks
in McLaren park and snuggles in bed.

Listening to music early morning, here
comes the sun.

Love is a rainbow
in the sky after a stormy rainfall.

Love follows the winding roads through
the twists and turns to yield the cold.

Many decades later, nothing has come close
to the endorphin high of my first love.

One thing I miss terribly right now is going out
for pho, that simple yet magical soup.

A Sumptuous Equation:
Family +Friends +”Breaking Bread”=LOVE.

The decadent sweetness of dark chocolate melting
into a puddle of indulgence on my tongue.

Such a wanton, fluffy, mischievous, loyal
companion loved so easily.

Hockey loving, Fortnite playing, Lego building
little dudes give the best hugs.

On May the 4th, love is sitting through an all day
Star Wars marathon and never falling asleep.

All I love, costs nothing—family, friends,
this beautiful, imperfect world.

Original prompt: Write about something you love.

Natalie Champion, Dar Stone, Good Newz, Raine Lefaivre-Naggi, Good Newz, Douglas McCulloh, Nan Friedley, Frances T. Borella, Andrea Jill Fingerson, Rob McMurray, Debby Johnson, Robin Longfield, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Rose Y. Monge, Gudelia Vaden, Burcu Misirli Chatham