Collaboration: Day 49

A Few Words from Our Friend Will During the COVID-19 Crisis

Embrace the world with arms stretched out, then we shall have
“A Midsummer Night’s Nightmare.” People, resolve to love thy neighbor—
embrace COVID-19 health protocols! I howl with resolve
to embrace this bump and stay well. My mind howls

with the loneliness of it all: Let the body howl; the mind, then, willing!
Thy February face howls for lack of wit. Lonely
scenery ready to embrace. Lonely? Never! I embrace
each peerless moment! Heed the cry, embrace your dreams,

resolve your fate. Bumps in the night are a terrifying reminder.
Pepper is so lonely. He howls at the moon. Just wants
an embrace. I howl at this darkness with resolve,
“you are but a bump on my journey for I am stronger than you.”

With resolve, the lonely wolf let out a howl
until he felt the gentle bump of his mother’s embrace.
I long for your embrace, I’m so lonely, so I resolve
to see you again. Today, we long for that loving embrace.

Original prompt: Pick from words from this list of six words coined by Shakespeare:


Frances T. Borella Sharon Sekhon Dar Stone Liz Gonzalez Frances J. Vasquez Julianna M. Cruz Natalie Champion Ginger Galloway Debby Johnson Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez Rose Y. Monge Burcu Misirli Chatham Ai Miyamoto Kelley Barbara Berg Gudelia Vaden