Collaboration: Day 50

A Recipe for Survival

Mirepoix, because vegetables.
½ cup sanity, julienned on ice

plus one jalapeño to spice it up.
Cubed onion with tears yet no fears!

Garlic is good; we’re socially distant anyway.
Fold in lightly beaten dolphin egg.

Swirl in the sound of small hands, drumming
on an upsidedown plastic bowl.

A dash of pepper, a bit of salt
just a taste of whole gestalt.

Fold in a heaping measure of compassion,
an ample amount of quality bread

flour, kneaded well to make it rise,
and a dash of mother’s love, like a hug.

Dash of dill for daily determination.
Savory rice with a pinch of oregano

and something from the back
of the fridge I can’t quite identify.

A splash of rum will do no harm.
Add fresh mint, growing wild in the backyard.

Dollops of chilli flakes make it vavavooooom!
Calories are out the door; Slather more butter, por favor.

Melted chocolate to grace the top.
A spoonful of sugar to make the recipe go down.

An aromatic candle awaiting to inflame the senses
… and the romance of Javier Solis’ melodic Sabor a Mi.

Original prompt: Write one line that is an “ingredient” in our collective recipe.

by Cindi Neisinger, Shali Nicholas, Cindy Bousquet Harris, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Frances J. Vasquez, Rob McMurray, Kris Lovekin, Frances T. Borella, Debby Johnson, Ai Miyamoto Kelley, Sherre Vernon, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Kamelyta Noor, Rose Y. Monge, Thomas Vaden, Dar Stone, James Luna, Nan Friedley, Elizabeth Faith Aamot, Veronica Ortega, Raine Lefaivre-Naggi, Natalie Champion