Collaboration: Day 57

Aliens to the… Rescue?

Into the vast infinity
I am thrust alone, wandering
hearing only my inconsolable
cry, “take me home”

I enter the snowy kingdom
of Narnia and a deranged alien abducts me
and takes me to the White Witch’s castle.
My knees are shaking and I start to faint…

Shaking like a scared cat at being abducted
by little green men with helmets.
They take me to another planet unknown to me.
Then I wake up from my slumber!

Shaking, I jump up in bed,
awakening from my dream
Up I go, taken
by a beam with a scream

But wait! it wasn’t a dream?
“One, two, three,” pushed me into a black hole,
“To a better universe,” they claimed.
“Finally!” I exclaimed.

Pitched into darkness, rescued
by shimmering light expanding into
an iridescent explosion of glorious colors
as I’m tethered safely in place.

Sweet rescue from pandemic
worries. Isolation broken! Adventure!
New friends! No thought
of ever coming back!

Yesssss! Finally! I get to ride a space ship.
New experience. Fascinating journey.
Abducted? No no no.
It’s a fresh new beginning. For freeeeee!

Lifted up in a golden blanket
of stardust I wave goodbye to Gaia,
“Spread your love as I have
shown you,” she whispers.

At first, I’m scared, then relieved
to be off this damn planet. After interrogating me
about life on Earth, they take pity on us
because we’ve mucked things up

enough and life is too inhospitable
for their species to even conquer.
Mine is an easy captivity, but
satisfactions here all feel somehow brittle.

Rescued from contagion— a welcome blessing.
Mind and body decompressing.
What becomes of me, I won’t fret —
Just give me access to the Internet.

My aliens are smaller than me, but
with 6 ft long arms. One puts a protective
shield over my face and wraps me
in a blanket with special powers.

The blanket transforms into a C to hug me
every hour. I tell them I am grateful,
but could I please go home to
a better Earth once this is all over?

Wearing hazmat suits, all I could see
were their beady green eyes.
They seemed to distance
themselves from me after

checking my temperature and sticking
a swab up my nose. I was then transported
to a world of breathing machines
and IV lines for further study.

Original prompt: Today, you have awakened to find that you have been abducted by aliens. How do you feel about this? Where do they take you? Do you ever make it home?

Nan Friedley, Rose Y. Monge, Raine Lefaivre-Naggi, Barbara Berg, Debby Johnson, Rob McMurray, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Gudelia Vaden, Julianna M. Cruz, Kamelyta Noor, Natalie Champion, Joseph Milazzo, Dar Stone, Juanita Mantz