Collaboration: Day 58

Message from Future You

Honey, you survived the Pandemic.
Though your life changed, aware
Of every little germ and cough.
Never the same!

Don’t worry, your favorite
Little dudes will again play
Hockey at Ice Town
As you celebrate each goal
Maskless, wearing Woolie gloves.

You survived the pandemic.
I’m glad that you are back
In preschool; the little
Ones missed you.

Survival mattered; collateral
Damage unforeseen. Physical
Separation, psychological
Isolation and sensory
Deprivation endures-
“Same as it ever was.”
Pray for the future generation.

My body, the reflection of time.
Of time standing on Earth.
Of steps taken.
Of races run.
Of battles won.
My body.
My Earth vehicle.
Still standing on Earth..

It wasn’t the end
Just the beginning
Of a better Earth

One of the pandemic’s victims:
Big oil. You will be happy
To hear that skies are blue and clear.

If you travel far enough into
The future, you’ll find we’ve
Conquered disease and death.
You’ll love it when you get here.

When you stand on the edge of time
Having earned every wrinkle and line
You’ll accomplish what you set out to do
You were loyal, brave and true

You can’t imagine how you landed
Here among the light and dark
But I know you will come to find
The way, the light, the meaning.

Dear Me, everything you want
To be or can be is within
You and your grasp

You’re enough.

Original prompt: A letter sent to you now from yourself twenty years from now.

Kris Lovekin Debby Johnson Gudelia Vaden Rose Y. Monge Cati Porter John DiFusco Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Rob McMurray Dar Stone Kamelyta Noor Natalie Champion Nan Friedley