Collaboration: Day 59

Your Secret Superpower Is

Frenchness, mood swings,
and detachable arms.
Superhuman hearing, but only
when I’m trying to sleep.

The ability to look
on the bright side—
and, if I don’t see it,
I can shine a light.

To see, feel, touch and understand
the souls of all living things
I am the soul listener,
the encouragement whisperer

Wonder girl, costume and cape included,
my power is the ability to dance on command
I can twirl like a Dervish until the world wakes up
and there is love and peace around the world.

Sunrise brightened my bedroom
and the Doves chirped anew
I joined my feathered friends
in rhythmic avian song.

In the blink of an eye, I was outside,
Then another blink, I was back in.
I am surrounded by a clear light that repels sharp edges
and absorbs the scent of eucalyptus trees.

The Patient and I sit face to face and six feet apart.
I breathe into my heart and connect up with his heart.
His Aura is bright as he begins to stand upright.
The long battle is won.
The “Healing” has begun.

I wave my magic Harry Potter wand,
poof the coronavirus disappears.
Earth and Humanity breathe

I got out my crystal ball and predicted
the future: they’ve found a pill.
Tastes like strawberries, for Coronavirus.
Been keeping my psychic powers a secret

I can get something done by just planning to do it!
I don’t like to brag but I bend time;
things due today — presto— due
next week or never….

Tell me a lie and I will know
Like Pinocchio, your nose will grow.
No need to cry if you comply
Truth spoken; spell broken

My mouth opens and money comes out.
All for a hug, how much do you want?
…and then, to everyone’s astonishment,
I don’t say what it is I really want to say

Original prompt: You wake up to find you have a superpower. What is it?

John DiFusco, Frances J. Vasquez, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Debby Johnson, Cindy Bousquet Harris, Magdalena Nunez, Natalie Champion, Barbara Berg, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Stephanie Barbé Hammer, Gudelia Vaden, Douglas McCulloh, Shali Nicholas, Dar Stone, Rose Y. Monge, Ruth Bavetta, Cindi Neisinger