Collaboration: Day 60

Each Stone with a Story of Its Own

A dirty job indeed, but someone has to monetize it.
Beautiful day, as the birds still sing and people rejoice.
Capable people are most likely to succeed. Mundane
Days turn to evening revelry. Deep mauves adorn the May sky.
Every poetic word awaits the morning verse.
Fanciful desserts tantalize and invite my desires.
Grapes weigh heavy and stain my lips.
Heavy hearts search for signs.
Indigo blues in shade and rhythm.
Jamming morning glories.
Kinky stockings are my desire.
Lonely meadows calling for their matching souls.
Mourning news obituary, Penney’s quit retail sales today.
Newborn cries to be heard.
Ocean waves highlighted by wondrous sunsets.
Perfumed petunias painting the horizon pink.
Quiet mornings kissed with sunshine and gentle breezes.
Red is not the only color. Rusty birds
Squawk and rile me. Serenity is a state of mind.
They declare their love boldly— blue flag irises offer sepals to the bees.
Under cloudless skies, hope remains.
Vivid sunrises hark the new day.
Walls crumbled, each stone with a story of its own.
Xylophonic rhapsody tingles tin tones of xenial fashion.
Your every word is like music to my ears.
Zestful notes in the chickadee’s song.

Original prompt: Write one line of poetry beginning with a letter from the alphabet. Consult other lines to see which letters are missing. Goal: Write an abecedarian.

Cindy Bousquet Harris, Gudelia Vaden, Debby Johnson, Ai Minamoto Kelly, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Rob McMurray, Thomas Vaden, Nan Friedley, Debby Johnson, Lynn Doiron, Dar Stone, Kamelyta Noor, Juanita E. Mant Pelaez, Frances J. Vasquez, Natalie Champion, Frances T. Borella, Ruth Bavetta