Collaboration: Day 65

No Alternative Spring

Spring sprung like the latch to a trapdoor, spilling fragrant flowers
A trapdoor leading to promises unspun
Promises of a new day with no mask on our face
A call away, a soul, a voice, and a face

To and fro the arbor swings- Mother Earth’s reminder of our frailty
Spilling bird chatter from fig ivy nests in the arbor
Mask or no, the truth will out
Spring is here, a breath of fresh air beneath the mask

Masks, homemade or not, take my breath away
Homemade libations take the sting away
Your eyes, two words, a breath of inspiration
Unmasked at last inspiration springs forth

Fluttering inspiration as the truth springs forth unmasked
Truth, an elusive whisper fluttering in the breeze
Spinning, weaving their way, through an alternative universe
Floating randomly with alternative facts

Original prompt: Write one line of poetry about spring.

Rob McMurray, John DiFusco, Natalie Champion, Cati Porter, Ruth Bavetta, Cindi Neisinger,
James Luna, Charlotte Ransom McKenzie, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Gudelia Vaden, Debby Johnson, Nan Friedley, Robin Longfield, Lynn Doiron, Rose Monge, Cindy Bousquet Harris