Collaboration: Day 66

Blue Drift of Sea and Sky

Robin’s egg bides its time, dreaming of sky
The lapis lazuli of a clear, unbroken sky

Turquoise, bringing life into the air
with a song of a nightingale

Cerulean sky, water washed, perfect
backdrop for tonight’s sunset glow

Turquoise waters trickle down
the mountain pass, a breath of fresh air

The cerulean sky deeply melancholic yet
hopefully rhapsodic therein sings with cyan highlights

Sapphire sprays ocean-scented playfully massage
my weary toes with their briny, frothy goodness

The azure sky tasted like whipped berries
on a fluffy silent vanilla scented cloud

My greenish opal eyes blend together
with the sea and the sky

Sapphire sparkles scattered amongst the waves
Cobalt popsicles paint my lips and tongue with yum

Glacial water that’s the color of the sky,
I long for your quenching effects from my empty canteen

When it was full, this bottle was melancholy
Now it’s just heavy with what I don’t remember

Midnight! Cobalt! Indigo! Mediterranean! Teal! Turquoise!
Oh you all make me blue blue blue with desire!

Midnight in Paris perfume from Kress
ooh la la now I long to caress

Joni Mitchell’s color and like my mood,
a dark indigo smudge on the horizon

I am tainted as the cavernous
veins of Roquefort

A minor third, a diminished fifth
weeping with vibrato, sliding up home

Wisteria dissolves, softly humming on my fingers
Twinkle, twinkle periwinkle, cool night, stars up high

I was the only one tall enough
to look into the bassinet
the baby boy
a bundle of joy
had eyes the color of the sky!

Original prompt: Write a line of poetry that includes some reference to the color blue without explicitly stating the word “blue”.

Frances J. Vasquez, Mary Torregrossa, Rose Y. Monge, Joseph Milazzo, James Luna, Kamelyta Noor, Frances T. Borella, Kris Lovekin, Rob McMurray, David Stone, Natalie Champion, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Ruth Bavetta, Thomas Vaden, Cindi Neisinger, Barbara Berg, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Nan Friedley, Debby Johnson, Gudelia Vaden, Cindy Bousquet Harris