Collaboration: Day 67

Best-Loved Imaginary Books of Spring 2020

On the blue veranda, in the white, wooden swing, armed
with a large iced tea, I am absorbed in
“Ice Dancing With Alan Rickman.”

I’d like to read, “Hunting Souvenirs:
A New Approach,” by John Prine.

By the pool reading “Bowie I’m In Heaven:
a memoir of Ziggy Stardust’s afterlife”

Looking for an entrepreneurial enterprise in case
I lose my job, I picked this up in a Little Library
box set outside a Denver, Colorado house:

“Cynical Capitalism: How to start a business
painting rocks with snarky messages.” Whatever!

“Bootlegging for Dummies part 5: get rich quick
using your bathtub” by Gudelia Vaden.

To read: “I Wish I Was What I Was Before I Became
What I Wasn’t or Was I?” By Mon Artiste Enfant

It’s a glorious rainy day, so what shall I read
today? Maybe, “Jousting with Narwhals:
A Lost History of the Elizabethan Era.”

“Our Family Predictions to 2030,” A gold-embossed
black leather book. Now mom won’t let us out the door!

Locked in my home with more possessions
than I need, I’m thumbing through my latest book,
“Finding Self Worth in Safe Sheltering.”

I’m re-reading, “How America Learned to Value and Support
All of Humanity: The History of Releasing Fear”

Reading about the serendipitous mutations of RNA
to miraculous immunity, “Life and Demise of la Coronavirus.”

Outside in the courtyard reading,
“Human Kindness in the Time of Coronavirus”

“Breathing in Lost Air,” if I could read with no fear
while longing for someone so near.

I adore memoirs with an international flair. I’m reading,
“Waiting for My Close-up” by Dr. Hydroxy Chlo Roquine;

“Trump’s Waterloo: A Brief History of the 2020 Election”;

Order to Please deliver to
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC rush –
“Epidemiology For Dummies”

Original prompt: What imaginary books would you like to read right now if they existed?

Rick Champion, Cindi Neisinger, Natalie Champion, Frances J. Vasquez, Mary Torregrossa, Burcu Misirli Chatham, Rose Y. Monge, Robin Longfield, Cati Porter, Rob McMurray, Gudelia Vaden, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Frances T. Borella, Barbara Berg, Ruth Bavetta, Steve Perry