Collaboration: Day 69

Lives on the Line

My heart is heavy
for the frontlines,
essential workers
and servicemen who died.
Some fought with guns
and others masks.

Remembering my peers
who fought a war
that never was.

Unable to say
goodbye still grieving
for their loss.

And we remember
Abraham, Martin and John.

Vintage planes cruised
cobalt skies, saluting
vets at Riverside’s
National Cemetery.

Medal of Honor
bestowed on brave heroes:
Ysmael R. Villegas,
Salvador J. Lara,
& Jesus Duran.
We are grateful!

Our Flanders Field
is bereft of poppies—
see the red asphalt,
red concrete,
the schoolroom floor,
from sea to sea—
must this be our legacy?

Nameless. Faceless.
In the marble
and the rippling
field of red poppies.

“This machine surrounds
hate and forces
it to surrender.”
Pete’s banjo cajoled
and inspired.
No force needed.

The flag will still
fly while some die.
We mourn those we lost
to Covid-19.

Battered wives hiding
bruises and pain
behind makeup and false smiles
and those brave enough
to save them.

The old me died when
I left you. Thank God.
I’m no longer
at war with you, but
the shrapnel will always
be embedded in me

Honoring courage,
caring, givingness.
Frontline workers.
We are Blessed.

We pray for those
who have died of
May they rest
In peace in our
Heavenly Father’s hands

The candle keeps
burning for our war
with the Pandemic.

God hear our prayers

Original prompt: For Memorial Day, write one line of poem giving thanks for someone who has lost their life in a battle to save ours, including frontline and essential workers in addition to military service.

Frances J. Vasquez, Raine Lefaivre-Naggi, Nan Friedley, Rose Y. Monge, John DiFusco, Cindi Neisinger, Gudelia Vaden, Debby Johnson, Kris Lovekin, Robin Longfield, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Natalie Champion, Ruth Bavetta, Kamelyta Noor