Collaboration: Day 70

In the News Today

“Racist notes taped to homes in the Bay Area”
All she needed was paper, pen, tape and hate.
Fold and fly. Celebrate National Paper Airplane Day.
Nero played golf.

She chokes unleashed dog. Calls Cops:
”An African American Man is threatening my life!”
Cop’s knee on his neck. He dies in the street.
Another unarmed black man died at the hands of the police today.

Teachers with extra 600 dollars.
Thinking why to go back to schools.
Survey says: women carry the pandemic workload.
Learn from the German model, folks.

“Food Service Workers Are on the Brink
of a Mental Health Crisis,” and those who can
step up for these people who put
food on their plate and serve them.

Snip snip, soon it’ll be time to tip
cleared the way for a beauty parlor day
How about detain those suspected of hate –
protect Chicago and 38th.

Oh, mammalian brains of so many, you
misunderstand your bodily sensations and believe
they are more serious than they are.
Lance Armstrong remains unrepentant and vile.

Happy days are here in Riverside County.
On this day the Jacarandas drop their blooms like purple rain.
“We still have a long way to go to where we need to be.
We are walking into the unknown.” Gov. Newsom.

Live streams. Missing
my St. Agnes Catholic Church family
Having never set foot in a church
Jesus hardly noticed they had closed.

Covid cases are rising as states open up.
“Let everything be ok,” I say into my teacup
Never in history have the casinos and churches
been closed at the same time.

Original prompt: Look at a news source and write one line of poetry that uses the information from that source.

Burcu Misirli Chatham, Natalie Champion, Nan Friedley, liz gonzalez, Debby Johnson, Barbara Berg, Frances T. Borella, Rose Y. Monge, Cindy Bousquet Harris, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Rob McMurray, Lisa Alvarez, Gudelia Vaden, Frances J. Vasquez, Sharon Sekhon, Raine Lefaivre-Naggi, John DiFusco