Collaboration: Day 73

The Great Pandemic Weekend

Chopping fresh cilantro today
for guacamole with friends.
I am an avocado aficionado.

No set plans as yet. I will let
my spirit guide me as I enjoy
the great weather. Enjoy a delicious
carne asada combination plate
from the Alberto’s drive-thru.

I’m Zooomily looking forward
to my virtual church
book club meeting tonight.

A long overdue date at the salon
with the miracle worker. Picking up
“The Great Epidemic”
at Cellar Door Books. Diving in.

Sitting on the patio, watching
the birds, lizards, butterflies, squirrels and rabbits
zoom around while eating
an ice cream sandwich.

Birthday party for
my 10 year old grandson…
pigs in a blanket and cake pops.
Gourmet dining.

Saturday night we share a grill
with friends but bring your own
beer, feedbag, and tools
to corn your own cob.

“Hey Love” on the record player,
legs crossed high, Sangria in my hand
and summer on my mind.

A midnight stroll in the elephant garden
under the full moon and twinkling stars
with a zoom beverage in hand.

Continuing the attack on the backyard
hedge and the encroaching honeysuckle.

Spending time with my family!
Swimming in the pool
Hearing again the sound
of ripples in Lake Perris

Happily joining Mike’s History Hike
for the first time. It will be
a face covering, socially distancing,
educational event in Downtown Riverside.
Oh hiking in the sweet sun!
Here I come, baby!!
Being out in nature with my camera

A writers retreat for me
on Sunday. Not exactly
what I envisioned—
Zooming is the new transition.
A delightful—although virtual—
gathering of scribes

Watching recent San Bernardino Singing
videos and hanging with friends
at the SB Singing
cumulative reading on Sunday

Walk write zoom nap nap zoom
eat garden zoom nap eat nap zoom
walk eat netflix no
chill alone again naturally 😉
A run along the river bottom

Mumbai calls; let’s dance at daybreak!

Original prompt: What is something you are looking forward to this weekend?

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