Collaboration: Day 74

In Our House

I woke up thinking of Santa Claus
Oh it’s the spicy shrimp smell in our house!!

(How the eyes water in our house.)

I woke up and made coffee and yogurt for two, but had no strawberries
I guess honey and walnuts will have to do in our house

(How we make do in our house.)

What’s the matter here, we’re outta coffee and beer
I guess a tea then whiskey will have to do in our house

(The order is what’s true in our house.)

There are catnip toys and a tree for viewing
but no pesky mice in our house.

(How we refuse order in our house.)

One on a bike, one in a car, one running,
Left laziness behind in our house.

(How a current runs though our house.)

La cuarentena to our casas gives us
pause for Zoom cultura in our house.

(How we do connect in our house.)

Time passes slowly, then fast
this curved path bending us in our house.

(How time circles back in our house)

Protests on TV, a rocket launched to space.
It feels like the ’60s in our house.

(How together alone we are in our house.)

Racism and anger will always arouse
Let’s work towards social justice in our house.

(How injustice is a fire burning down our house.)

Burcu Misirli Chatham, Nan Friedley, Juanita E. Mantz Pelaez, Kamelyta Noor, Natalie Champion, Rose Y. Monge, Kris Lovekin, Barbara Berg, Frances J. Vasquez